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Dried boletus edulis
Shape: Slice
Processing: AD
Place of origin: Yunnan, China
Grade A: Good in shape, no worms, no sand, no insect, no big macule, small worms path allowed. ...
Boletus edulis is an edible basidiomycete mushroom. Most commonly known as porcini (from the plural of its Italian name porcino), it has a number of common names, including cep ...
Min. Order: 9 MT
Frozen boletus edulis′ specification:

half CUT(Grade First)
(White worm passages level ≤ 5%, No yellow worm passages), 2cm-8cm (cap diameter), Carton 390*355*215, Poly bag ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
Chantarelle or Golden chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) is probably the best known species of this genus Cantharellus. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the ...
Matsutake (Japanese: , pine mushroom, Tricholoma matsutake = syn. T. Nauseosum) or, shortly, Mattake is the common name for a highly sought after mycorrhizal mushroom known to grow ...
Fresh tricholoma matsutake
Wild mushroom
Shpe: Whole
Grade: 16 grades. 3L, 2L, L, ML, M, HA3L, HA2L, HAL, HA, HB3L, HB2L, HBL, HB, MS, S, P.
Color: White
Frpzen morel
Processing: IQF
Shpape: Whole
Grade: A
Stock: 5 MT
1-3cm 900kgs 3-6cm 3700kgs 6+cm 400kgs
Delivery period: From May to Novermber.
FOB Price: US $21 / kgs
Min. Order: 2,000 kgs
Frozen boletus edulis′specification:

(White worm passages level ≤5%, No yellow worm passages), 2.5cm*2.5cm, Carton 390*355*220, Poly bag inside, ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
Frozen boletus edulis′ specification

WHOLE(Grade First)
(White worm passages level ≤ 5%, No yellow worm passages), 2cm-4cm
(cap diameter ), Carton 390*355*215, Poly bag ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
China truffle
Scientific name: Tuber indicuum
Season: November to February
Fresh truffle
Grade: A, B
Grade A: Good in shpe, no insect, no dirty, no wound, full matrue, ...
Min. Order: 60 kgs

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