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Frozen boletus edulis′ specification

WHOLE(Grade First)
(White worm passages level ≤ 5%, No yellow worm passages), 2cm-4cm
(cap diameter ), Carton 390*355*215, Poly bag ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
Frozen boletus edulis′specification:

(White worm passages level ≤5%, No yellow worm passages), 2.5cm*2.5cm, Carton 390*355*220, Poly bag inside, ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
China truffle
Scientific name: Tuber indicuum
Season: November to February
Fresh truffle
Grade: A, B
Grade A: Good in shpe, no insect, no dirty, no wound, full matrue, ...
Min. Order: 60 kgs
Frpzen morel
Processing: IQF
Shpape: Whole
Grade: A
Stock: 5 MT
1-3cm 900kgs 3-6cm 3700kgs 6+cm 400kgs
Delivery period: From May to Novermber.
FOB Price: US $21 / kgs
Min. Order: 2,000 kgs
Matsutake (Japanese: , pine mushroom, Tricholoma matsutake = syn. T. Nauseosum) or, shortly, Mattake is the common name for a highly sought after mycorrhizal mushroom known to grow ...
Frozen boletus edulis′ specification:

half CUT(Grade First)
(White worm passages level ≤ 5%, No yellow worm passages), 2cm-8cm (cap diameter), Carton 390*355*215, Poly bag ...
Min. Order: 9,000 kgs
Boletus edulis is an edible basidiomycete mushroom. Most commonly known as porcini (from the plural of its Italian name porcino), it has a number of common names, including cep ...
Min. Order: 9 MT
Dried boletus edulis
Shape: Slice
Processing: AD
Place of origin: Yunnan, China
Grade A: Good in shape, no worms, no sand, no insect, no big macule, small worms path allowed. ...
Fresh tricholoma matsutake
Wild mushroom
Shpe: Whole
Grade: 16 grades. 3L, 2L, L, ML, M, HA3L, HA2L, HAL, HA, HB3L, HB2L, HBL, HB, MS, S, P.
Color: White
Chantarelle or Golden chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) is probably the best known species of this genus Cantharellus. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the ...

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